Palo Santo: 100% natural and sustainable incense.

Palo Santo is a natural incense with an ancient tradition, considered irreplaceable by pre-Columbian shamans in sacred rituals and healing ceremonies. Like in ancient shamanic and folk traditions, its smoke is still used today to purify the air and transform the energies of spaces, bringing them to a vibration of lightness and brightness. Compared to other incenses and resins, Palo Santo has a deeper resonance, and the reason lies in the life cycle of this tree.

In Palo Santo trees life cycle, we find the principles on which Herborea's philosophy is based: we must respect Nature and its course so that it generously provides us with the resources we need. In fact, if we act without consideration and cut the tree while it is still alive, solely for profit, the result is a low-quality product. This is because the resin has not had the opportunity to penetrate and permeate the inner woody fibers, and fresh wood retains a lot of residual moisture: factors that may cause aromatic alterations and quickly lead to the deterioration of the resin contained in the Palo Santo wood. All these characteristics ensure a kind of inherent environmental sustainability to the plant, which has led us to consider Palo Santo as a symbol of harmonious collaboration between humans and Nature.

Our wood, collected only from naturally fallen trees that have been on the ground for more than three years, stands out for its intense characteristic aroma and the values of sustainability and ethics that underlie its production.

We were the first to import and distribute Palo Santo incense extensively in Europe, ensuring respect for people and the environment to our customers. Furthermore, we guarantee a 100% safe and natural product as we do not use any chemicals in any phase of the processing, as demonstrated by the smoke analysis conducted on all our incenses by Italian laboratories.

All of this has made Palosanto® the best-selling brand of Bursera graveolens incense in Italy and Europe.

Number 1 in Europe

After a long-standing relationship that started over twenty years ago with Peruvian suppliers, in 2014 we established a collaboration with local Ecuadorian families and the Santa Elena Prefecture in Ecuador for the collection and processing of Palo Santo.

Our permanent facility in southern Ecuador allows us to maintain direct control over all production stages, which, combined with a short supply chain, ensures the high quality of our raw materials and adherence to ethical and environmental sustainability principles.

That is why today we are leaders in the import and distribution of Palo Santo incense in Europe.

Experts in the field since 1999

Our twenty years of experience with Palo Santo have allowed us to become true specialists in this natural incense, and today we offer a variety of options and multiple formats, along with exclusive accessories such as censers and incense holders.

Thanks to our wide selection of products, we can cater to different usage habits. In addition to the traditional method of burning the wood, we can meet the preferences of anyone approaching the world of Palo Santo.

Wood, sticks, cones, grains, and powder, as well as resin and essential oils: pure and natural incenses made with full respect for the environment and people.

All the terracotta artifacts are handmade in Ecuador using ancient techniques and decorations passed down from generation to generation. The copper accessories are designed by us and made in Italy in collaboration with local artisans and small businesses in the area.

Herborea's varieties

Our range of Palo Santo comes in four distinct varieties, which we have differentiated based on size, geographical origin, and aromatic characteristics.

The Tribal variety from Peru offers standard-sized wood sticks with a high aromatic intensity.

The Cerimonial variety, also from Peru, features thin wood sticks, ideal for quick and light fumigation, characterized by extremely easy ignition.

The Ancestral variety includes larger wood sticks that require more time to ignite and provide abundant and long-lasting fumigation. It originates from Peru.

On the other hand, Palo Santo Ritual is our exclusive variety from Ecuador. The classic-sized wood sticks emit a delicate and enveloping aroma and are easy to ignite.

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