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We have known Palo Santo for over 20 years. We were the first to go to Ecuador and work with the local communities to obtain Palo Santo from the Bursera graveolens trees. With their help, we reforest the dry forest where the Palo Santo tree grows.

Our natural incense's offer satisfies everyone: those who wants to perfume their homes with natural products, those who use incenses for meditation and introspection, those who practice yoga, those who need to stimulate their creativity, and those who seek inner well-being. In our catalogue you can find many natural products for personal care and well-being, such as Ayurvedic remedies.

There are natural cosmetics products for those who have chosen a natural and environmentally friendly lifestyle. There are chakra stones and copper spirals for those who seek their balance through electomagnetic fields.


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our brands

Palosanto gathers natural remedies from pre-Columbian civilisations. It is the brand that best expresses our philosophy of harmonious collaboration between Man and Nature. We nurture close relationships with our Peruvian and Mexican suppliers, who assure us of sustainability and ethical values. In Ecuador, we produce incense and handicrafts in collaboration with local populations.

Lynphavitale turns its eyes to the East. It encompasses natural personal products from the Indian Ayurvedic tradition and handicraft traditions discovered in the long journeys of knowledge that led to the birth of Herborea and that are still carried on today by our R&D department.

The Lynphavitale brand includes two other registered trademarks: MOOV and NATURALIGHT, whose efficacy is also supported by scientific literature. Nirdosh: herbal cigarettes, completely free of tobacco, hence nicotine, and paper. They are 100% natural cigarettes, handmade in India from only leaves, fruits and herbs.

Nirdosh allow smokers to replicate the gesture of lighting a cigarette and bringing it to the mouth. This gesture is the central element to be taken into account when one wants to quit smoking. Nirdosh is designed as an adjunct in traditional cigarette cessation therapy. It is a transitional tool that helps the smoker to quit, and to prevent any relapse. The Director of the Department of Addiction Medicine at Verona Hospital has included Nirdosh in his treatment protocol for smokers.

Our dealers

More than 200 retailers have chosen us. These are mainly herbalists, pharmacies and shops selling organic products. Among our retailers there are also shops selling ethnic products, which are particularly attracted by the provenance and craftsmanship of our handmade products. There are bookshops that buy our incense to complete their offer, and recommend different reading experiences for their customers. These are physical shops but also online shops.

Roberto Gianelli

Macrolibrarsi (Italy)

Macrolibrarsi has been collaborating for years with this historic company that imports, produces and markets ancient remedies of the Ayurvedic-Indian and South American tradition.
Our company is; in synergy with its philosophy, to offer products for personal care and beauty, born from a deep-rooted and eternal natural medical tradition

Flaminia Carapezzi

In Bottega In-Sieme (Italy)

We have been collaborating with Lynphavitale/Herborea for some time, not only they do have quality products, there is also a human relationship that enhance the working relationship.

Cinzia Verga

Amado Shop (Germania)

All the staff is very professional. We have a long working relationship and we are always happy to receive a quality service. The goods arrive always on time, in good conditions and well packed. Everything goes smoothly from the initial order to the delivery.pre felici di ricevere un buon servizio. La merce arriva sempre in tempo, in ottime condizioni e ben imballata. Dall'ordine alla consegna tutto piacevole e senza problemi.

Elvio Bissolati

La bottega di Osaka (Japan)

We always prioritize and give great importance to organic and handmade products, that are also unique and special. Therefore we found that Lynphavitale/Herborea is always a great partner in line with our values.

Angela Jimenez Reyes

Studio Atma Yoga (Svizzera)

Our experience with Herborea is fantastic, our customers love their products here in Switzerland. Herborea meets our green needs and we never regret choosing them as a supplier. Thank you, you are a great team!

Liliana Montefusco

Liberia Naturista (Italy)

Great quality products, professionalism and seriousness are always valued qualities. The communication on WhatsApp for both orders and payments is always great.


Our products accompany people in their daily lives. They are the result of long journeys to give people in search of natural, effective and safe remedies a choice. Our aim is to provide our customers with an environmentally sustainable and 100% natural product.


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