Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense

Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense


Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense
Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense
Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense
Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense
Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense
Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense

Palo Santo Ancestral Wood Powder Incense

Bursera graveolens powder incense harvested in northern Peru. Palo Santo shavings format is perfect for making fumigations with resin or herbal blends.


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Why choose the Palo Santo shavings of the Ancestral variety

Palo Santo variety harvested in northern Peru. In this area the Bursera graveolens tree grows in a rocky terrain with harsh climatic and environmental conditions. Thank to these conditions, the tree produces a large amount of resin and the aroma is particularly strong and intense, rich in limonene, it is the ideal variety for rituals and ceremonies.

How Palo Santo shavings are used

How are shavings used?
Palo Santo wood chips are made by crushing the wood of the Bursera graveolens tree. Using them is very simple:
1. Light a charcoal and place it on the metal screen inside the brazier (see one of our handmade terracotta braziers).
2. When the charcoal becomes glowing, take a socket of shavings and place it on top.
3. The Palo Santo wood chip dust ignites in no time and releases plenty of smoke.
4. The duration of the smoke from the shavings is quite limited, so it is necessary to renew the incense often.

The benefits of the chip format

Ease of use is the strong point of the chips, since once lit they burn independently. They produce a high quantity of smoke compared to other formats of Palo Santo.
The shavings format is suitable for those who wish to perform purification ceremonies and rituals and for those who prefer to mix Palo Santo with other resins and incense.
The benefits of the Palo Santo grain format are manifold:
- Purifies the energies of places and environments
- Promotes inner harmony and mental and physical rebalancing
- Releases an aroma that stimulates concentration and introspection
- Creates a relaxing atmosphere that stimulates creativity
- Wards off annoying insects.

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